Graduation Requirements

The requirements for graduation from Faribault Public Schools and participation in Commencement shall be as follows: 

  • Each student must pass all tests required by the State of Minnesota. 
  • Each student must earn the minimum of credits designated for his/her graduating class.
  • Each student must complete 1.0 credit of a class that meets the Art requirement set forth by the State of Minnesota. 
    Graduation Requirements Code No. 605.4

Content Area


Course Name


1 credit

English 9

1 credit

English 10

.5 credit

American Literature

1.5 credits

English Elective


1 credit

Intermediate Algebra

1 credit


1 credit

Algebra 2


1 Credit

Physical Science 9

1 Credit


1 Credit

Chemistry or Physics

Social Studies

1 Credit

World History

1 Credit

US History

.5 Credit

American Government

.5 Credit


.5 Credit

Social Studies Elective

Physical Education/Health

.5 Credit

PE 9

.5 Credit

PE 10

5 Credit

Health 10


7 credits

Elective Courses


22 Credits


Neighboring School District Students

Students who attend the FALC from neighboring school districts may make special arrangements with their home district to complete the graduation requirements of their home district.  Upon completion, students have the potential to earn a diploma from their home school district.  Students need to contact the counselor from their home district and notify the FALC Counselor.