Career Info

What do I want to do after I graduate?  What kind of jobs are out there?  

Below are some career exploration sites and job sites that will help start this conversation.  If all else fails, please see your counselor!

MCIS (Minnesota Career Information System) is a great place to start!  Not only does it have information about job opportunities, it has a great resource for educational options and scholarships.  Create your own MCIS after you log in. For your first initial log in username and password, see Shane.  

Career Wise
Career Wise (formerly iseek) is another great resource to start researching careers, plan your education and check out the job market. 


USA Jobs
Job search engine that allows you to search for a job anywhere in the US.  

Minnesota Employment & Economic Development
A great resource to look for jobs in Minnesota, check out the nearest workforce center and check the most recent job outlook information.